The Premed Paradox brings you comprehensive education about medical school, residency/training, and a career as a doctor.


You will find first-hand accounts of the many sights, sounds, feelings, and emotions on the road to becoming a physician.


This education and experience will empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your future!

Dr. Amit Pandey is an Internal Medicine Hospitalist with SRS Medical Group in San Diego, California. He is Chief of the Division of Hospital Medicine at Sharp Memorial Hospital. 

Not long ago he was in your shoes: an excited premed student dreaming about becoming a doctor. Now that he is well into his career, he is passionate about empowering future physicians with the knowledge they need to fully understand a life and career in the medical field. Outside of work, he loves to play basketball, write (of course), and spend time with his loved ones. 

The Premed Paradox is Dr. Pandey's honest and sincere effort to pay it forward to future generations of aspiring physicians. It provides the answers to the burning questions that he wishes he knew before starting his journey many years ago. It is an essential read for any premedical student, and will also help medical trainees and anyone who is interested in learning about the life of a physician. 

Knowledge is power and this is where you'll find it. Come join us!